Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled services are provided by RNs and LVNs under direction of the Physician.

  • Complete Plan of Care
  • Guidance and Counseling on Health Matters
  • Medical Treatment and Procedures as Indicated by thePatient’s Plan of Care
  • Consulting and Collaborating with Other Professional Staff in Providing Services
  • And Many More

Registered Nurse (RN) On Call 24 Hours

Nursing services provided by a Registered Nurse anytime, day or night, in your home.

Free Home Health Assessment By An RN

Evaluation of an individual’s need for in home healthcare services conducted by a Registered Nurse.

Home Health Aide

The Home Health Aide assists clients in all aspects of personal care and all activities of daily living. Our Home Health Aide will provide all the Activities of daily living provided in the hospital.

Telehealth Through Phone Calls

We deliver virtual medical care, healthcare, and educational services over the phone.

Therapy Services

Therapy services are provided by or under the supervision of a qualified therapist, in accordance with the client’s plan of care.

Speech Therapy

Speech and language pathology services that facilitate rehabilitation and development of speech.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists provide services to assist in the rehabilitation or development of fine and gross motor skills.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists are experienced and licensed to perform Anodyne therapy, and wound debridement. The therapists shall counsel, instruct, and demonstrate to the client, family members and other health workers how to perform or assist in performing selective procedures and functional activities.

Anodyne Therapy

We are the # 1 Anodyne Treatment Agency in the Austin Area. How the simply impossible becomes simply possible. Anodyne Therapy is not thermal or electrical therapy. It is photon therapy. As a result, it can be placed in direct contact with the skin and used over all types of implants including pacemakers and defibrillators. The only contraindications are pregnancy and active malignancy. Anodyne Therapy works to temporarily reduce pain, improve neuropathy, and increase circulation to tissues and nerves. Also, this therapy accelerates wound healing.

Wound Care Services Debridement

In home removal of unhealthy tissue from wounds, by a licensed professional, to facilitate healing.

Ultrasound Machine For Pain Management

In home use of sound waves for pain management and to speed healing of damaged soft tissues.

Medical Social Services

A Licensed Certified Social Worker will provide Medical Social Services. The Medical Social Worker assists with social, financial, and emotional problems that affect the patient’s medical condition or rate of recovery.

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